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Mar. 21st, 2005

Know what I just realized is strange, and possibly a little sad? My father-in-law will be driving in Ontario this month, based literally 2 industrial blocks down the road from my work, and I wouldn't recognize him if I tripped over him. I've been married for nearly 3 years and I've seen him 3 times. Most of that is due to the fact that he lives in Calgary, and we only see him on the rare occassions that he has a lay over in the GTA. G has seen him a couple more times, but... Sad but true, his dad kinda gives me the creeps a little, so I don't jump at chances to see him.
Not creeps in a .. sexual predator kind of way, more like he is SO regretful of the time he lost with G (had no contact with him for 11 years), he just tries to jump right in the father(in-law) role. Tries joking on subjects that a near stranger shouldn't, wants hugs good bye from both of us, etc... Just kinda like, "Hey, buddy... You may be my husband's biological father, but, you aren't his dad right now... You can't jump right to that..."
I guess I just find it really odd because I've had a tendancy to be really close with other boyfriends fathers, so having NO relationship with my FATHER-IN-LAW strikes me as bizarre and somewhat sad. We are supposed to be in Calgary for a week in December 2006, and I REALLY do not want to stay over at his place with his family... I'm nervous enough to meet my step-in-laws period...
I am having a craptacular day so far.
1) I finally fell asleep about 12:30 (so technically, I didn't sleep til today)
2) I woke up a little late, since I fell asleep so late, so didn't have a shower, hair is up in a clip
3) I woke up with hubby's head cold with a touch of sore throat. LUCKY ME!! So long as it doesn't turn into my boss' chest infection, I guess I'll live.
4) Fell down the stairs.
5) Cracked my ankle against the top stair.
6) Tore the heel of my brand new (to me) shoes.
7) Had to change shoes so now am running late
8) Car covered in snow
9) Wipers froze 1/4 of the way to work
10) Realized I had no sunglasses as I started getting a headache
11) Realized I had sunglasses in my purse when I was 3/4 of the way to work and already had a headache.
12) Spent the next 15 minutes being tailgated by a person in a Cadillac Escalade (holy crap those things are HUGE!)
13) Finally got to work with a minute to spare.

The good news was that, thanks to fyreangel, I have copious amounts of new music to entertain me :)

In other news, we bought a refurbished computer yesterday afternoon. We have 4 internet access start up disks, but they are ALL useless, because there isn't a single serial number to be found amongst them. *snarl* However, did play Rollercoaster Tycoon. Holy addicting, batman! Should be able to get online after the Dr's this evening (remember? He called in sick on Saturday), so hopefully I'll have access when I'm on vacation as of this Wednesday.

Mar. 19th, 2005


fyreangel, the cd's arrived yesterday.  My numb-nuts husband hid them on me and told me they hadn't arrived :P  I'm greatly enjoying the Motorhead, somewhat soothing to my cranky mood ;) 

Mar. 19th, 2005

*sigh* I thought libraries were supposed to be QUIET!!!! Not this one. There's a brat running around and screaming. His parents AND the library staff are just ignoring him. Grr!

So, I didn't go out to my favourite bar in the whole wide world last night like I was invited. Why? Because I was tired (which I'm sure would have shaken off once I got there). And two, because I had a Dr's appt at 10 am this morning (my dr was working the after hours clinic, told me to come see him then rather than miss more work). I decided that getting back to Amanda's at 4am and sleeping til her mess of kids got up at 7 wasn't going to cut it for a successful Dr's appt. Of course, G was coughing and sneezing and snoring ALL night, so I didn't get much more than that til he left this morning anyhow. I'm laying there this am, trying to talk my butt out of bed, and this thought runs across my mind, "Why are you bothering? Dr. F isn't going to be there anyhow." As usual, I ignore myself and go. What do I find out as soon as I get there? "Oh, I'm sorry. Dr. F won't be in this morning. He just called to say he can't make it, and has switched with another Dr."

BITE ME!!! Now I have to rush around after work on Monday and try and get to the afterhours clinic, where he is SUPPOSED to be working again. I was supposed to get my test results today, and get my scripts for that and for my Depo so I could get back in time to get injected. Now I feel like my day's wasted. Of course, I've accomplished everything I had planned for the afternoon already, since I was already up, showered and in town. *snarl* I missed a night out at a great bar for NOTHING!!!!!

Mar. 17th, 2005

Holy crap, batman!!! Got the claim information for my Playdium prize. First of all, they claim to be a HAMILTON radio station, but I have to go to TORONTO to get the prize. That's fine. I figure I'll go get it on one of my days off next week, since, like all brilliant things, they are open from 9-5. Hamilton would have been nicer, it's about 45 mins from home and I could have visited friends. Oh well. So I'm all set to take a day trip into Toronto next Wednesday. Mapquested the address?! Holy crap! Not only is it in Toronto, but it's completely DOWN FRICKIN' TOWN! This is looking like a 4 hour round trip through hell (I HATE driving in Toronto). Waiting for the prize chick to call me back, maybe I can send them a self addressed envelope, or give them my Purolator account or something.. I do NOT want to go THAT deep into T.O. BY MYSELF!!! ... I guess I could take the train... We'll see.

Mar. 16th, 2005

Woohoo!!! I just won $100 at Playdium!!! (www.playdium.com) NIIIIIIICE :) Of course, Sunday was the first time I'd gone, but we loved it. It took us 5 hours to spend $25, so $100 should go a loooooooong way :) I haven't won anything in ages :) Guess this puts me out of the running for all the concerts they're doing tickets for, since they have that pesky 30 day rule, but what are my chances of that, really? ;)
Note: Virtual boxing is EVIL!!!!! My arms throb and I can't move my one arm/shoulder behind my back or above my head. OWWWW!!! And I thought I was in pain from it YESTERDAY! I'd go back there no problem! Of course, carrying the 2.5' x 4', 30 lb box yesterday probably didn't help... (No, 30 isn't "heavy" but when it's in such an awkward, arm spread manner, and when your arms already hurt.... )

Did I mention... OWWW?!?
I forgot to mention! I MIGHT be getting myself a present tonight. Zellers has king sized feather duvets on sale for $50 this week. They had to order me in one because all the stores just had the doubles. The girl figured I'd get it next week (requested it on Sat), but it's in! So, unless it's stupidly thin, I'm a gettin' it! We only have a queen sized bed, so this is... 30 cm wider than our regular blankets, but maybe this means I won't wake up half naked in the middle of the night because hubby's wrapped the blankets completely around him ;) I'm excited! :)

Mar. 7th, 2005

Know what I think is a shame? That political correctness has stripped us of our identity, women especially. It used to be, if we went out, a woman without a wedding ring was called Miss. A woman with a ring was Mrs. Just to be safe, women over 30 were called Mrs., just in case they'd forgotten their ring. A woman who was known to be divorced was generally Ms. or Mrs. Maiden Name. All women over 30-35, or younger ones with a wedding ring were often Ma'am, if you didn't know their last name or had just been introduced.
Personally, after 20, I was never a fan of "miss," so when given the option I would request Ms. However, now, I am VERY proud to be married, and love to be called Mrs. In the nearly 3 years I've been married, I can count on one hand the number of times that's happened (aside from in print). To me, that's sad. I don't want to be called Ms. anymore. When I didn't have my ring, I could understand it, but now, please call me Mrs. As much as I used to loathe the idea of being called Ma'am, now that I am closer to 30 than to 20, I would, once again, choose that over Ms. or ESPECIALLY Miss. No one uses Ma'am anymore, for fear of getting a purse upside the back of their heads.
I think it's sad that people are SO terrified to call someone by an "adult" title like Mrs. or Ma'am that they err back to a childhood title (miss) or a liberation title like Ms. Guys have it easy. After 13, they are given the title of Mr., and can be called Sir. Two words. Now, no one in their right mind would call a 30 yr old man without a wedding ring "Master" (the correct title for a pre-pubescent male), but it's safer to call me Miss or Ms because I might chop your head off? *sigh*
In our new hometown, I freqently get asked about my BOYFRIEND, even if I am wearing a wedding ring. Why? Because a lot of people my age in that area are living together unmarried (which is fine), but would throw an absolute fit if you called them husband or wife. This world is SO mixed up. *sigh*